A guide to Funeral Flowers

Here at D&G Florist Strood, we understand it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose funeral flowers. So we also have put together a useful guide to funeral flowers, explaining what the different designs are so you can easily choose the right option to say farewell to someone special.

D&G Florist have many years' expereince creating beautiful funeral flowers, and we have a small online range of funeral flowers to order easily. Our expert florists are on hand in our Strood shop or over the telephone if you need any friendly advice ordering funeral flowers - please do get in touch if you need us. Based in the heart of Kent, we can easily deliver funeral and sympathy flowers to Strood, Rochester, Faversham and the Medway towns.

Specialist Funeral Tributes

Specialist Funeral Tributes, also known as Bespoke Funeral Tributes, are a one-off floral design crafted by a florist. A Specialist Funeral Tribute is a really personal way to say a final farewell to a loved one, and is often ordered by close family as one the main tribute flowers. 

We use fresh flowers, foliage and other materials to create a 2D or 3D design of your choice in memory of your loved one – it may be to represent a hobby or pastime, career, favourite animal or food, letters to spell a name or nickname.

D&G Florist have created many beautiful and heartfelt Specialist Funeral Tributes over the years, view our Bespoke Tributes Gallery for ideas and inspiration. Every design is unique, so we can work with you based on your requests, size, colours and flowers used.









Funeral Letters

Funeral Letters are commonly ordered by close family as one of the main floral tributes for their loved one. Our florists can create funeral letters to spell a name, nickname or phrase in a chosen colour scheme - such as Mum, Nanna, Daughter or Daddy.

These floral tributes are really striking and meaningful, often accompanying the coffin in the funeral car to the service.


Coffin Spray

A Coffin Spray or Casket Spray is often chosen by close family members as one of the main floral tributes. A spray is designed with a large flat base to allow the flowers to sit beautifully and securely on the coffin.








Funeral Wreaths and Hearts

A popular option to send by relatives and friends, a Funeral Wreath is a traditional choice for flowers. The wreath is circular in shape, symbolising eternal life. Funeral Wreaths can be created in a range of colour combinations, and our florists will often use roses for their soft scent and compliment with other seasonal flowers.

A Funeral Heart design is often chosen by very close family or spouses as a symbol of their deep love for their lost one. We can create funeral hearts in a wide range of colours, using seasonal flowers, foliage and ribbon to create.


Pillows and Cushions

Flowers are carefully designed in a square or rectangular shape to look like a pillow or cushion. A traditional choice for funeral flowers, the story behind Pillows and Cushion tributes is they are a symbol of comfort in a final resting place.


Funeral Sheaves and Posies

A Funeral Sheaf is hand-tied flowers that have been arranged to lie flat on one side, so they can adorn the casket or grave. A sheaf is elegant and simple, we would often use scented white lilies and cream roses to create a sheaf but can add requested flowers or colours.

Posies are created in a dome shape so the flowers and foliage looks beautiful from all angles.

Sympathy Flowers

We find at a time of loss, sympathy flowers offer a sign of support to those grieving. Many friends and colleagues want to send flowers to close family who have lost a dear one to send a caring message. Sympathy flowers are often sent to the family home when the news of the death is announced.

D&G Florist recommend sending a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers in soft colours, and we can include a vase so the recipient doesn’t need to worry about finding a container or arranging the flowers on arrival.

A guide to Funeral Flowers